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Safety in the workplace has become a major factor in todays times. With the increasing incidents of threats and attacks employees are looking to their employers to ensure a protected environment. Monitoring of guests  and unwelcome visitors are now a necessity. Camera systems have been proven to deter theft and various other crimes. A DVR or NVR application that can be viewed immediately and or remotely will provide peace of mind for your employees and workplace.
CCTV Surveillance
One of the most critical aspects for all business and communications is a dependable network. The core of your business is relying on the backbone of cabling integrity to keep business running efficiently. With varying budgets and needs of business we will design a solution that meets your budget and business requirements.
Structured Cabling
Fiber Optic Installation
Another large factor for any institution or corporation will be a properly installed Optics network. Whether connecting multiple distribution centers throughout a building or fusion splicing damaged cabling in a manhole we have a specialized fiber team to accommodate any project
Securing all areas of the workplace is not only important for your employees but also important to secure your proprietary information. We will design a system that allows access to those with approved clearance to necessary areas. This will also allow you to monitor and ensure compliance.
Access Control
The ever-increasing rate of change and specialty of this technology demands that we are abreast of the essential and customized requirements to meet each organizations needs. Our team of specialist will ensure this is delivered.
Audio/Video Installation
Wireless Systems
Over the past decade this technology has transitioned from a luxury to a necessity. With the workplace becoming mobile a solid infrastructure and proper design / placement is crucial for employee and company productivity
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